Welcome to all on my personal website. I wanted to create this site for several reasons that could be summarized in these few points :

  • 1. Share my passion for synthesizers
  • 2. Share my opinions, comments and impressions on some machines, some music programs.
  • 3. Share the knowledge I have gained on certain observations of the musical world.
    Show what are made some machines once dismantled, and share with you my interest of the technologies used in our machines
  • 4. Twist the neck to certain legends and bring proofs and arguments.
  • 5. Encourage the reader to create, innovate, research in the field of synthesis and sound creation rather than passively using what others have achieved.

I hope you’ll find here relevant and interesting information that will allow you to better understand where we come from with the analog technology and to where we’re going to thanks to the progress made in the digital technologies allowing to emulate, with more and more efficiency, the sounds from the early era of synthesizers while still allowing to do more at the creative level and to propose new methods of sound design.

I always thought it would be really silly to use nowadays very expensive synthesizers  to only replicate what synthesizers were already doing well in 70s. On the other hand the technology should allow us to be able to design new original sounds while allowing also to recreate the whole range of rich, warm analog sounds, using less expensive, and much more portable and reliable machines !

I tried throughout this web site to show and explain the trends that I sometimes found rather judicious or sometimes quite illogical …. If, however, we can speak of « logic » in an artistic and creative field. Nevertheless, I always try to differentiate as much as possible what’s about the field of technology and on the other hand what is artistic.

Hoping you’ll find some interest by reading the pages of this site.

JM Mélot